Old brew house

veca-varitavaThe old brew house is the heart of the Beer museum, where beer cattle’s dating back to the 1938 can be still seen. Modern technologies help us to find out more about the charm of beer’s four basic ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast. The brewery is equipped with the necessary lighting to organize small one-person exhibitions, private concerts and even theatre performances.


barsThe beer bar is one of the museum’s liveliest premises where one can taste the finest brands of Aldaris beer and find out more about the world’s most popular 55 beers being on display in a special glass exposition on one of the walls. The visitors are particularly interested in the special brewing installation which introduces everybody to the secrets of the beer brewing art. It is the place where master classes, as well as special training courses of Aldaris Beer academy for true beer enthusiasts are held.


alus-teraseIn the warm season, visitors of the museum also like sitting on the beer terrace, where one can slowly enjoy the finest beers, as well as the magic of 150-year old architecture.


laboratorijaThe laboratory is used by brew masters to test and develop new brands of beer. Every year they create countless samples of new beers, of which at least four are brought into life.


pagraba-telpaThe cellar continues the story of the Beer museum about the variety of the world of beer. Here everybody can discover the secrets of beer’s main ingredients, as well as get familiar with several extra beer ingredients, which are added to create an inimitable taste. The guests prefer visiting the cellar in the company of a beer sommelier, who has to be applied for well in advance.

History room

vestures-telpaIn the history room, one can see the collection of old beer bottles, mugs and labels featuring more than a century old traditions. An old photo made in the neighbourhood of Aldaris back in 1906 tells various myths and legends about beer and the origins of the brewery. With the course of time, the historic exposition will be changed, and new exhibits will be added.

Conference hall

konferencu-telpaOn the first floor of the Beer museum, just above the brewery, there is located a conference hall, which keeps a particular aura. Conference participants can peep at the brewing process through a keyhole, as well as to feel the specific aroma of a brewery. The conference hall windows offer a magnificent view of Aldaris Park and artificial castle ruins. The hall can accommodate up to 300 persons and is provided with state-of-the art conference equipment.